Cupping therapy is very effective in reducing muscle tension and detoxifying the body.

What happens during a cupping treatment?

The glass cups are simply held upside down and the air inside is heated. Once the air is heated the cup is applied to the soft tissue of the body. As the air cools rapidly in the cup, it shrinks in size, pulling the soft tissue up into the cup like a vacuum. Cupping can be incorporated into your massage or acupuncture treatment to enhance circulation and promote healing.

Why does it work? There is an Eastern and a Western explanation. In Western terms, the vacuum in the cup brings blood and lymph to the area, promoting circulation and healing. In addition, it will help break adhesions between the skin and underlying connective tissues, allowing for freer movement.

In Eastern terms, all pain and disease in the body is caused by stagnant qi (or blocked energy). The reverse pressure of the cup pulls blockages out of the body, thus allowing for free flow of qi, and a return to healing and normal qi flow.


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